What is CBD Wax?

A popular form of CBD, that is growing in the market right now, is CBD wax which is a concentrated form of cannabinoid.

But, before we understand what CBD wax is, let us first understand what CBD is. CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a type of chemical substance found in the cannabis plant. It is one among many other such substances.

The markets that revolve around CBDs are booming right now. Every day, there are more people than the previous day discovering various products. CBD has become a household familiarity at the moment. 

Many across the globe are aware of the substance, and the various forms made from it. People – from young adults to aging individuals, fitness enthusiasts to patients with illnesses – are all about this right now. Everyone finds it beneficial in some way or the other – those at least, who use the product. 

What exactly is the wax variant?

The wax variant of CBD is a type of concentrated form of cannabis and is currently highly popular due to the rich, high potency that it packs. CBD wax is among the several different forms of CBD that are used by many individuals and offers a number of different benefits.  Due to its form (as wax), those who use the product can experience high levels of potency while consuming small amounts of the product.

CBD wax can be made using various ways, but there is one particular method that seems to be efficient – the ‘closed-loop extraction system’. Other common methods to manufacture this extremely popular variant of CBD include:

  • CO2 extraction – this method makes use of pressurized Carbon dioxide gas to extract the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that are present in the cannabis variant. High pressure and high heat are part of the process.
  • Butane Hash Oil Extraction – unlike the previous method, and very similar to the previous one, this method makes use of another chemical gas. Butane is used to extract the essential oils that are present in the cannabis plant being used. These include cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This method, commonly referred to as the BHO method, is dangerous and not always recommended.

The different kinds of CBD wax that are currently available

  • CBD Crumble – this kind of CBD wax is produced using an extraction method, but uses a pre-purged cannabinoid oil. This oil is high in moisture and viscosity and the final result of the wax is a crumbly state. The consistency of this type of CBD wax is powdery.
  • CBD Budder – This variant of the wax is made using air pressure, and purging the cannabis hemp at high temperatures. Keep in mind that this process is high heat intensive. The end – result of this type of process results in a fluffy wax product and is highly similar to the smooth consistency of butter. This is also where this type of wax gets its name.
  • CBD Shatter – This type of wax does not resemble wax in any way, but is often referred to as ‘Shatter’ due to its appearance. It comes off as a wax that looks like broken glass. It is produced using chemicals and/or heat to extract the oil present in the raw product, and is then cooled. The end result was obtained – pieces of wax that look like shattered glass.
  • CBD Live Resin – To produce this type of CBD wax, the cannabis hemp is freeze-dried first and is then used in the extraction process. This increases the preservation of the cannabinoids along with the terpenes present in them. This often results in the most expensive variant of wax that can be produced.

How can you use CBD wax?

There are many ways that can be used to consume CBD wax. But some of the prominent and popular ways are listed below. The most prominent one, however, is called ‘dabbing’. The name might sound off-putting, but it has a good reason for it.

Dabbing – It is the most popular way to consume CBD wax. While it may seem completely unfamiliar at first, and may not seem easy to do, one can get used to it soon. It is easy to do when the person is aware of it.

This process of consuming the product is inhaling the product upon vaporization of the wax when applied to a very hot surface. There are many ways to heat the product as well, the most common item used to do this is called a dab-rig. There are many kinds of dab-rigs as well, and when CBD wax is added to it, it turns the wax into a vapour form. It can then be inhaled by the person using the product. 

Vaporizing – This is one of the other popular methods and involves a direct vaporizing of the product. There are many vaporisers on the market that are available for purchase, and anyone can be used to intake the product. One of the advantages of making use of this method is that it is mobile. The device used is portable, and can be used on – the – go, making it much easier than any other method.

Bong – This is the last among the highly – popular methods of consuming the product, and seems to be highly common. To make use of this method, all you have to do is place the product in the bowl of the bong, and follow the usual procedure of heating and inhaling.

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