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CBD isolate is a versatile substance that is an exciting alternative to full-spectrum CBD.  It is called an isolate because it does not contain any amount of THC.

Those who are into cannabis would definitely know of CBD. It is a product that has achieved high status in the health and wellness industry, with renowned players backing it. Many pop-culture stars have also adopted this wonder product. 

CBD Isolate is a novel way of consuming CBD. There are many concerns, questions, and confusion around this simple product that we’re here to clear. In this post, we discuss everything that is related to CBD and arm you with the best information.

Let’s get on with it!

What is CBD Isolate Powder?

CBD Isolate Powder is finely extracted CBD that does not contain any other cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are natural compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. These include CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc. 

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD Isolate Powder is extracted using premium-grade technology capable of separating THC and other cannabinoids from CBD. These extraction mechanisms result in CBD crystals or fine white powder. 

Why should you use CBD isolates?

The white powder that is CBD might not seem very exciting at first glance. The odourless and tasteless powder is indistinguishable from white chalk in physical appearance. 

But, CBD’s real magic comes to mind when you consume it. Here are some reasons to use CBD Isolates :


THC in Cannabis products is a deal-breaker for many. Some look at it as something they definitely want in their Cannabis product, while for some it is something that they want to stray miles away from. 

If you fall in the latter category, then CBD isolates are for you. These compounds are extracted using a methodology that ensures or tries to ensure that any THC compounds that are present in cannabis are removed from it. 

What results is a powder that contains zero THC, free for all to consume. As you must be aware, THC is the primary cannabinoid responsible for the notorious psychoactive properties of cannabis. 

In CBD isolates, there is no THC, therefore CBD Isolate Powder has no psychoactive properties. 

Use cases of CBD Isolate Powder

CBD Isolate Powder has an inherent use and functionality that helps it trump other CBD derivatives. This property is the purity of CBD isolates. By purity, we mean that CBD Isolates do not contain any other cannabinoid, which in turn increases its usability.

Pure powder can be used in drinks, chocolates, medicines, etc. If you’re making a herbal face mask or a health drink, CBD isolate powder gives you the exact ingredient that you’re looking for, without any contamination. 

Consumption ease with exact dosing 

With cannabis products, one often hears concerns about the dosing of the products. The anxiety around it arises for two reasons:

  1. The other cannabinoids present in the product result in a change in potency.
  2. The lack of information is present around dosing.  

In some ways, these two options are interrelated and affect each other. CBD Isolates come in here by providing products that do not contain any other cannabinoids. Therefore, the dosing can be measured to the T. You have immense functionalities with it. 

How is CBD isolate made? What are extraction technologies?

CBD isolate made

With the advancement of technology, the cannabis industry has been able to achieve a lot more than it was able to back in the day. Today, the products that consumers receive go through multiple phases of extraction that involve complex processes. 

The same stands true for CBD. CBD Isolates are arrived at by using extraction methods such as supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) or ethanol-based extractions of hemp plants. Hemp is a federally legalized cannabis plant variety.

An isolate by definition has been stripped of components present in the hemp plant that are not CBD. These include various cannabinoids, flavour-enhancing terpenes, flavonoids, fats, lipids, etc. Chemical washing and separation technologies are used to remove the CBD. 

The purity of a CBD Isolate can rise to 99%. Therefore, what you get is extremely pure CBD. 

What are the different ways of consuming CBD Isolate?

The most intuitive way of consumption of CBD Isolate would be oral consumption of the powder, or maybe mixing it with juice or water, or perhaps your protein shake. But you would be surprised to know that these are not the only or even famous ways of consumption. 

There are multiple methods of administration and we are here to discuss them as well as the best practices that you should follow. 


Topicals are simply creams, gels, oils, lotions, soaps, etc. that contain CBD. These can be directly applied to the affected area. It can be absorbed into the skin and is capable of doing that. In combination with other compounds such as menthol, CBD topicals can be of particular benefit. 


Frequent cannabis users would be aware of this mode of administration. Inhalation is primarily done by smoking or vaping the CBD. You can take your CBD to isolate and combine it with any terpene extract or even THC oil and straight away vape or dab it.  


Sublingual administration is a method that is often used by children for the consumption of different products. It works the same for adults too. 

Following this method is easy. You just need to put the CBD powder beneath your tongue and keep it there for 60 or more seconds. The inner lining of your mouth contains the mucous membranes that help in releasing CBD directly into your bloodstream. 

This results in faster delivery, absorption, and effects of CBD. You’re able to circumvent the whole process of the digestive system by using sublingual administration.


Coming back to the originally discussed method of administration, which is oral ingestion. Oral ingestion of CBD isolate can be done in the form of powder or capsules. You can have a capsule as per your dosage, custom-made at a dispensary.

Or you can drink CBD by mixing it with various drinks or make a health drink of your own. You can add veggies or fruits to make smoothies of your choice.

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